House No. 11/B, Road No. 86, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
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Why Midori

A trusted name in luxury, comfort and elegance

The Midori by Lakeshore is located in one of the finest locations of north Gulshan2, which is also certified green zone by the Dhaka metropolitan police, it is accessible by the 3 direction and the evacuation by the emergency evacuation is very smooth because there is a Aja sent filed where the guest can accommodate for any safety reason purposes, there is a Gulshan park which is 50 feet away from our hotel .our hotel basically oversees the greenery of the adjacent Gulshan 2 park, there are security check points controlled by Dhaka metro Politian police, it’s just 80m away, having said that all the cars are checked by police and due to strategic location of the optimized the diplomatic police and Dhaka metropolitan police also highly vigilant about this area, its about 100 m away from Dhaka’s of the most prominent shopping convenient store Uni-mart and also chef table which just upper deck of Uni-mart, the well-equipped Dhaka’s finest medical Centre United hospitals is only 3 min distance by car, and its also possible to go by a walk, there is special security force by the end of this road, the united nation , UN HCR office is on the same road, Netherlands embassy, Egypt embassy we are surrounded by them 80 to 100 m away

Midori is very much focused about the safety and security of the guest, hence the security is divided into structural and tactical parts

1.strucural security- we have 3 armed gun man working 24/7 along side we have security force of 8 people we secures the hotel, at any given time, there is separate employee excess area and separate guest access area, this one of the few properties in town where the lobby is 60 feet inside from the main door, having said that we have the option of checking the car right outside the main gate, in front of the car there will be another security barrier diploid, which is only cleared or open once the car is swiped properly, we maintain the international safety procedure in order to maintain maximum protection from any sort of car bombs that’s why even the guest are request to roll down their window not only swipe underneath and back of the trunk also the glasses are put down for the enough vigilance , once they get a go ahead signal than the car can go close to the lobby, we do have our own parking lot underground which can accommodate 12 cars at any given time, the whole hotel is covered by 56 cameras